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The Jean Monnet Action

The Jean Monnet Action (support for University- level projects on European integration) includes the creation of Jean Monnet Chairs, Centres of Excellence, Modules, Information and Research activities as well as support for academic associations of professors & researchers in European integration. Jean Monnet projects are selected on the basis of their academic merits and following a process of rigorous and independent peer review.

The Jean Monnet Action was originally launched in 1989. It is currently present in 62 countries on the five continents. Between 1990 and 2008, the Action has helped to set up approximately 3,000 teaching projects in the field of European integration studies, including 141 Jean Monnet European.

The Jean Monnet programme stimulates teaching, research and reflection on European integration at higher education institutions throughout the world. With projects across the five continents, the programme reaches up to 250 000 students every year.

Ad personam Jean Monnet Chairs are teaching and research posts with a specialisation in European integration studies. Ad personam Jean Monnet Chairs are reserved for (i) distinguished Jean Monnet Chairs who deliver evidence of a high-level international teaching and publication record (that was achieved, at least in part, outside their country of residence) and/or (ii) professors with a distinguished background as former high-level practitioners in the field of European integration.

Ad personam Jean Monnet Chairholders must teach a minimum of 90 hours per academic year in the field of European integration studies and must be responsible for organising regular reflection activities on the European integration process (conferences, seminars, roundtables). They must have the rank of professor and may not be a "visiting professor" at the establishment in question.

The title of ad personam Chair is linked directly to the person. If the holder leaves the higher education institution, it may not replace him or her by another member of its teaching staff. In the event of leaving the original higher education institution, a holder of an ad personam Jean Monnet Chair may continue to use the title on condition that (s)he undertakes to maintain the teaching and reflection activities that were specified in the original grant agreement. This must be certified by the academic institution to which the titleholder is moving.

Holders of an ad personam Jean Monnet Chair can only reapply for a new ad personam Chair and must wait until one academic year has elapsed following the end of the previous contractual period before submitting the new application.

There are 3 Activity Types:

  • Activity Type: Teaching
  • Activity Type: Organisation of & Participation at Events
  • Activity Type: Deliverables - Outputs/Products/Results



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